30″ x 9 mm Disco Dentado Para Rastra Con 4 Protuberancias - Baldan Brazil

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Notched Disc Blades 30" x 9 mm with 4 Dimples - Baldan Brazil

Use this Imported Disc Harrow Blade 30 inch x 9 mm product from Brazil for your garden, farm, or field.

These Imported from Brazil (Baldan) 30 Inch x 9 mm Notched Disk Blade with 4 Dimples assist you in tilling the soil or chopping up remainder crops and work best in harder soil that may contain rocks and sticks and provide you a very aggressive cutting edge that is well suited for soil penetration.

Specification Description
Blade Type: Notched
Blade Diameter: 30 Inch
Thickness 9 mm
Axle Diameter: 2 1/8 inch Rd with 4 Dimples
Concavity 3-3/4 Inch

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